Sunday, March 16, 2003

[mood: relieved]

[sound: take out time - ainslie henderson]

A first for me... very pleased. (",)
I'll update this one, i promise... my lack of html skills forbid me to make a real website and 20m templates piss me off, so welcome to my glorious blog! blog's a horrible word, and i shudder to say diary (only good girls keep diaries... the bad girls never have the time ;)) <<-- not a double chin. so i'll call this my journal. always wanted a real one, but writing stuff aches my wrists. luckily the technology available today is working for me.
News updates?? well... finished my graphics major project!! hense the relieved. my shoulders don't fell so weighed down anymore and i've been catching up on my sleep this weekend. Me = Exhausted! Pah!
Just been chatting to my Sarah, which is always nice. Best Friends rule. One thing still bugs me (not about Sarah, about Daniel)... where is he??? well, his mum kicked him out for good (so bitchy) and i now have no idea where my poor baby is! so i can't ring him, if i don't no where to phone. *shudder* where is he? plea for daniel to make himself seen! aghhh...
thinking about it i haven't seen him in a-g-e-s. i've been so busy with what not that i haven't had the time, and then he wasnt at school for most of it anyway. Plus this weekend where theres been a no show at my house. hmmmmmmmmm...

I was left alone this weekend as mum and dad went away for the weekend... (how brilliant) the house was my oyster. MY oyster. lol. Their back now, bringing with them (this is good) a fab retro printed top by chilli pepper. it's lovely, blue stripey 3 quarter sleves and then my front and back are covered with colourful heads (i'm gonna say their me) wearing old skool aviators. so delightful. my own little army of me on my breasts and belly, multiples of myself make me happy.

nan and grandad (grrr) came and took me and george out for lunch to the little chef today. (i think it was meant to be a treat) well it was all pretty... you no. erm, then we were taken to some granny junk shop. quite like aladins cave and that. got bought a cuddley toy crab! lol! i think the lunch was coz mum and dad were away and they didn't think i could supply myself with food. after all... sixteen-year-olds these days. *sigh*

anyways... mwah mwah, buh bye and all that jazz
~jess x